Jack’s (Cirencester)

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Situated in Black Jack Street, one of the most picturesque corners of Cirencester, Jack’s is a bright and sunny (weather permitting), spot to enjoy your afternoon tea. Located right next door to the fabulous Corundum Museum, a must if you are into ancient Roman culture, with a dazzling and very well curated repertoire of mosaics, garments and everyday objects – Jack’s is an ideal watering hole after your wander through local history. There is more than meets the eye, too, in terms of space available; turn left beyond the initial glass fronted room and you enter a long, glass-domed space beyond – ideal if you need to park your buggy or pram. There is some seating out at the front too – on the pedestrianised street – for those lazy summer afternoons.

What Jacks is known for, though, is its cakes, particularly the sandwich songs which are undoubtedly the largest specimens you’ll ever see, so much so you’ll feel like Gulliver in the land of the giants. I have seen hungry teenagers and ravenous adults alike easily defeated by the mountainous and delicious – the size is not a compensation for lack of taste – wedges of sponge cake dispensed by this establishment. However, if something more moderate is what you fancy, you can choose from such treats as the Paradise slice, a heavenly blend of coconut and dark chocolate flavours, the trail bar so full of currants it easily has to count as one of your five a day, or the gluten-free brownie that is dark and delicious.

There is also more than just cake on offer; Jack’s offers a limited menu of savoury food too. There are sandwiches with classic and locally sourced fillings such as cheese and pickle or coronation chicken – straight out of grandma’s cookbook perhaps, but no less delicious for it. Salads and quiches are also available and very acceptable. The hot drinks hit the mark, too. The cappuccino is has the requisite foamy pillow on the top and a very acceptable brew beneath. The decaf tastes good too.


All in all, Jacks is a fine place to hang out, no matter whether it’s to refuel after you’ve overdosed on museum mosaics, or, being a stone’s throw from Cirencester Park, to set you up for a long walk along those tree-lined avenues to the Polo Club!

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