Lynwood & Co. (Lechlade)

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Lynwood & Co is the ultimate breakfast or brunch destination if you are into hearty and wholesome food in generous portions and an atmosphere that is gloriously convivial. I love immersing into the hubbub of chattering families and to feel part of an organic tableau of true life – everybody is welcome, from small babies and wandering toddlers to large, mellow labradors and cute little sausage dogs. Which brings me in a short leap – the sausage, not the dogs – to the food fare.

If you are into stuff on toast – and I most definitely am – Lynwood is almost unbeatable. The sourdough is legend: tangy light and crusty in all the right ways. Have it with scrambled eggs, with smashed avocado, feta and mint, or even as a humble bacon sandwich and you won’t be able to leave a bit on your plate. Just too tasty. But beware, you won’t wanna eat again for a while – the portions are generous and the food sooo filling!

I love the rustic and cosy décor, the unvarnished wood, the red teapots, the simplicity and the festive atmosphere. Lovely to sit facing the glass front and observe shoppers, people walking their dogs and in the summer, the tourists wandering down to the riverside marina.

If you have a sweet tooth, the cakes are very nice indeed. We tried an orange & polenta slice that was moist and zingy and a carrot and coconut cake dusted with pistachio that is a delicious and more healthy-feeling take on the coffee house classic.

Oh, and before you settle up, don’t forget to purchase a tyre-sized sourdough loaf on your way out, to make delicious toast and sandwiches for the rest of the week.

A tip: try to get there by 10:30am on a weekend to secure a table – the place does get rather buzzy!